Baking is therapeutic and relaxing for me

Does anyone else love baking as much as I do? It not only has delicious goods as a result, but it also has many health benefits! Baking is therapeutic and relaxing for me. When I’m in the kitchen baking I’m completely in my element and all the stress in the world disappears. It’s a moment when I can completely focus on the task at hand. My mind usually resets and goes to blank, my mood lifts and I feel completely zen after a good baking sesh.

I’m not the only one that feels positive after baking. According to psychologists baking releases endorphins and has other health benefits as well. Below I listed a few.

  • Baking is a way of creative self-expression

Baking allows you to creatively express yourself, which increases your overall well being. Be it through writing, painting, making music, or baking,  a creative outlet helps with stress relief. Finding a way to deal with stress helps you lead a healthier life. Baking is relaxing and releases tension from your body. The aromas that a bake good produces also makes a person feel good and happy.

  • Baking can be considered therapy and a mindfulness meditation method

Two of the benefits of mindfulness meditation is that it increases happiness and reduces stress. Because of this baking can be considered a method of mindfulness meditation. When baking you need to completely focus on what you’re doing to get the measurements correct. Focusing on the smell and taste allows you to clear your mind and remove clutter from your thoughts. With baking you’re practicing the act of mindfulness, the ability to be fully present, to be aware of your surroundings and what you’re doing at the moment. Baking can be considered a form of therapy.

For someone that loves baking I can confirm that it has the same effect on me as practicing mindfulness meditation, which you can read all about my experience here.

  • Baking for others is an act of giving

When you’re baking for other people, it can be considered as a way of expressing your feelings for them. Sometimes words are not enough for what you want to say, baking goods and giving it to someone helps you communicate with them. Baking is a true form of altruism, it’s a selfless act and makes you genuinely happy when you share with other people.

Let’s all get to baking and feel good about life! You’ll not only feel happier once you baked, but you’ll also make the people around you happy. Do you need any more reason to bake?

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