My first camping experience

Last weekend I had my first camping experience! To be honest, it wasn’t the proper sleeping-in-tents or cooking-with-firewood type of camping. I did have an actual sleeping bag with blankets, but slept in the back of an SUV and had food provided by food trucks. It actually was car-camping, “carping” (if that’s even a word!). But still, I consider it to be my first camping experience and it’s all thanks to the second LTA Summit!

The Live the Adventure Club organized the summit to welcome back @funforlouis and @the_candourist after their beyond borders flight. They flew around the world for 90 days in a single engine plane to make a documentary on global diversity. Over 100 like-minded people & fellow creators came together during one weekend to share ideas, encouragement, stories, positivity, friendships and more. The summit was held at the Kern Valley Airport in California. With the mountains as a backdrop and clear skies during the night it was the perfect location for my first camping/carping experience.

I had the option to properly camp in a tent, but decided against it since I needed to buy all the necessities and find someplace to leave them after the event. An SUV was good enough because the event was only for 2 nights. Luckily I got a bigger SUV than I actually reserved, so there was plenty of place to sleep in. It wasn’t the best sleep I had, but it wasn’t as bad as you’d expect either. The only thing was that the temperature dropped A LOT during the night and it was a bit colder than I expected for California. But with all the dancing and chatting around the fire pits I kept myself warm.

Tips for “Carping”

  • Buy a cheap inflatable mattress, sleeping bag and blankets for in the car. You’ll want to keep warm and be as comfy as possible.
  • Pre-heat the car 20-30 minutes before going to sleep and keep the windows closed during the night! I didn’t do this and kept the windows slightly open for ventilation during the night. I was FREEZING after a couple of hours and even after closing the windows I couldn’t warm up enough to sleep well for the rest of the night.
  • Have a small pillow with you, otherwise you’ll wake up with a stiff neck. An airplane pillow might also do the job or you can group clothing/use a backpack as a pillow.
  • Make sure you properly research the environment you’re staying in. How cold will it be during the nights compared to the day? Layer up if needed!
  • Don’t go with suitcases. Take a backpack with you. It is much easier for you to take stuff out or put back in during the trip. You don’t have much space in the car to manoeuvre, especially if you’re using it to sleep.
  • Have warm socks with you for during the night.
  • Make sure you get a good sized SUV. Having your knee bent during the whole night is not that comfortable.
  • Flashlight! It can get very very dark and since you’re camping your phone flashlight might not be enough or you’ll probably run out of bateries.
  • There will be dirt everywhere. Keep your shoes & sock away from your sleeping spot and clean clothes.

There are some things that I would definitely do better next time. But there are also things that I wouldn’t change for the world. It was an amazing experience and not one that I will soon forget. This definitely won’t be my last time camping or carping!

I went without any expectations, because it wasn’t like anything that I’ve done before. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. Being surrounded by mountains in a remote place was amazing. It made me value our planet so much more. Staring up at the sky full of stars and seeing the milky way so clearly raised my awareness of life more. It made me realize that none of us came into this world just to exist, we were all born with a purpose. I just need to focus even more to find mine. This weekend was eye-opening for me. I left fully at peace and with a strive to do more and give back.

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