New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year always feels like a clean slate. A time to start over. To set new goals for yourself and to works towards achieving them. I believe that people are the most motivated on the last and the first day of a year. Everybody has a go-get-it mentality during new year’s celebrations and spirits are high. Just like most people, I usually also write down a long list of new year’s resolutions. But most of the time I forget all about them a few weeks into the new year. For 2018 I want to approach it differently. Perhaps not have specific new year’s resolutions, but instead have a set of principles to adhere to and have new goals to work towards to.

In a way they can still be considered new year’s resolutions, but at least this time it’s not a hard set of rules. And there’s no resolution for me to break. The principles are more guidelines that I would like to follow during the year to better myself. By adhering to the principles I will create a path for myself to ensure that I reach my goals.


  • Less is more
  • Spend more time with people that matter
  • Positive attitude is everything
  • Manifestation & affirmations works
  • Be more grateful
  • Stand in awe of my body
  • Always keep growing

Based on these principles I have written different sets of goals. I have smaller goals that I’ll do my best to achieve every week or month and more long-term goals that I want to achieve this year. To make it easier for myself I also broke down the long-term goals into different stepping stones (or smaller goals) that I’ll work towards to on short-term basis. Below I’ll share some of my goals.


  • Read more than 50 books this year. This goal is part of my always keep growing principle and by reading 1 book each week I broke it down into smaller achievable goals.
  • Meditate every day for the whole year. This one is linked to the positive attitude is everything principle. To help me with this goal I downloaded an app, Simple Habit, that has loads of meditation sessions and gives me reminder to meditate every morning.
  • Volunteer. There is no better way to be more grateful than by giving and helping others.
  • Be able to do a handstand. One way to stand in awe of my body is to push myself to learn new things and let my body surprise me every time again and againThis goal is also one that I can break into smaller goals for the short-term basis. Start with a wall-assisted hand-stand, for example, for 10 seconds.

Of course, I have more goals that fit in with the principles, but the above are just to name a few and give you an example of how I’m approaching my “new year’s resolutions” this year.

There are many ways to approach setting your new year’s resolutions and sticking by them. Even if you don’t believe in the whole “new year, 365 blank pages to write your story” idea it’s still a perfect moment to reflect and look back on all that you’ve achieved and set new goals for all that you would like to do going forward.

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