How to wake up early and workout

Yes, I am one of those early morning exercisers. For me there’s nothing better than working out first thing in the morning. On the other hand, I am not one of those persons that wake up at 4am for a workout. That is a bit too early, even for me, and my gym is still closed at that time. I often times get the question on how to wake up early and workout. It’s actually not that difficult, but especially in the beginning it takes some mind tricks before you get used to it.

Tips & Tricks on how to wake up early and workout

  1. Prepare your clothes and your playlist the night before. This will already get you in the mood to workout the next day. Especially the playlist. Can you imagine pumping on your favorite songs?
  2. Have a bedtime routine. Once you have a bedtime routine it becomes a habit and thus much easier to get yourself in the right mindset.
  3. Prioritize your sleep and go to bed early. Make sure you get enough sleep during the night. Sleep is important for your energy level the next day and to be able to perform better during the workout.
  4. Plan your workout for the next day. Write down (in the notes app on your phone) what workouts you plan on doing the next day. Visualizing yourself doing those workouts right before bed also helps.
  5. Set two alarms or keep your alarm away from your bed. If you’re someone that likes to snooze set two alarms to make sure you don’t fall back asleep. Or keep your alarm away from your bed so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.
  6. Don’t think on how early it is. If you dwell too much on how early it is, you’re already making up excuses on why not to get out of bed. Don’t think about the time, just think about all the benefits of an early morning workout.
  7. Splash yourself. Once you’re out of bed, splash your face with some water. This will definitely wake you up.
  8. Sign up for a group workout or schedule a training with a personal trainer. If you have others to hold you accountable you will be less likely to skip the workout.
  9. Commit to your “why”. If you have a specific reason why you want to workout, commit to it and hold yourself accountable to it. Committing yourself to something makes it easier to avoid excuses.
  10. Think that it’s the only chance you have for a workout of the day. You never know what can happen during the day. There are reasons or situations that can arise that hinder you from working out. This is the only time that you know for sure that you can workout.

All of the tips above on how to wake up early and workout are things that I’ve tried myself and they worked. If you keep it up and consistently wake up early to workout your body gets used to it. And once you make a habit out of it, I can assure you, you’ll become an early morning exerciser just like me.

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